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Track your kilometers by connecting with Strava.  Strava is a free app that tracks your daily runs, walks, bikes, and most important snowshoe KM and routes. 

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In the month of February, participants will commit to snowshoeing, biking, running, or skiing (at their own pace) the distance equal to the world’s 7 tallest summits, 43.29 KM!  Or, as many Peaks/KM as you can!  You have 29 days to complete this challenge.

Everyone is welcome to participate.  We encourage corporate teams, friends and familiesto get together and support the melanoma and skin cancer patient community. 

There is no minimum distance to snowshoe. We encourage you to do as many of the peaks/KM as you can! Pick from the worlds 7 tallest peaks! 

  1. Puncak Jaya – 4.88km 
  2. Vinson Massif – 4.89km 
  3. Elbrus – 5.64km 
  4. Kilimanjaro – 5.89km 
  5. Mt KcKinley – 6.19km 
  6. Aconcagua – 6.96km 
  7. Everest – 8.84km

Sure!  This challenge is about being active in the winter while being sun safe.

There is no minimum fundraising requirement to participate in the 7 Summit Snowshoe Challenge, however, we do encourage you to fundraise if you are able to do so. 

If you are hoping to join us for the Snowshoe, Sip & Savour 5KM event there is a minimum $250 fundraising amount required.

In addition, there are some great fundraising rewards available!

We have some great fundraising rewards for those who fundraise:

Raise $250 =                Neck Warmer

Raise $500 =                Tubbs Snowshoe Holster (plus neck warmer)

Raise $1,000 =             Melanoma Canada Hoodie (plus neck warmer + Tubbs snowshoe holster)



Fundraising rewards will be shipped to qualified participants at the end of February following the end of the challenge. 

There is a tiered registration structure for this event, the earlier you register the less you will pay.

Registration Fees 

Early Bird Starts December 1, 2023

Tier 2 Starts December 16, 2023

Tier 3 Starts January 1, 2023

Tier 4 Starts January 24, 2024

Adult (18+)





Junior (6-17)





Kids Under 5 are Free


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Yes we do! Click here for our toolkit and sharable assets.

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